Existence — the may be?

Why are we here, are we living beings or an extended dimension of non-living beings. Why are we called living beings? Just because we move? We’re random? May be we’re not. May be every act of ours is defined. May be something is moving us. May be this is how things work every day in different different parts of the universe. What is universe? universe is endless or it is an illusion? May be we’re the universe. May be, we’ve created a universe. May be what we’re doing right now is somehow changing the way planets move. May be our actions are defining the universe. May be we’re god. Or may be it is opposite. The non random movements of non-living things are defining our actions. May be that’s why we react to the days, the nights. Days are created by the non-random, defined movements of planets and this is how they are controlling us. May be they are gods, non-living things. May be there is no god. May be what we are experiencing is not real. It is just a dream or illusion or a non-living object. May be it is all random. May be all are living beings. May be planets are talking to each other. May be planets have a heart and a soul, they all are sons and daughters of suns. May be every solar system is a family and we have millions and millions of families just like we have around us. May be they are imagining us. May be they are laughing at us. May be they are seeing us, typing, writing this note, listening hans zimmers random (or not) act of music in interstellar. May be they are talking about us, they take the decision to kill/born one of us. May be it is all bigger than our imaginations or smaller than the same. May be insects are bigger and we’re not. May be they are behaving innocent but they know more about this universe or world than us. They have every idea about how things move, they know when are we all going to die or this is a very small thing for them. They know when two suns are going to crash or how this earth is created. May be they belong to this planet and we’re the aliens or vice-versa.

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