Existence — the why?

We’re not born in this world to be constant. We have to evolve and make ourselves better continuously. We’re not living beings if we’re not changing ourselves. We’re not what we are if we’re keeping ourselves limited. Limitations are easy, they have a definition, they make you believe that your chase is the only way of living. By being limited you’re not in pain hence you’re happy with what you’re doing. You’re not thinking too much about yourself, who you are, how you’re born, why you’re here in this world. Imagine a moment, when you dont care about your limitations, you step into your imagination and experience the way we evolve. Imagination is not a myth, it is real. Imagination is the first step to make things real. Infact, imagination is a reality, everything else is an illusion. May be that’s why when you’re working during your day time it is real and limited which is making you stressed and weak and when you’re sleeping you have no boundations, you have no limitations, you dont care where you can go and what you can do, may be its your imagination but it makes you fresh, as if you’re passing from a tunnel which is a process of re-birth. You imagine things for 7–8 hours in your sleep and the process makes you fresh, may be because this is what we are, this is why we are. To achieve re-birth you have to imagine, you have to think beyond your jobs, your daily real activities which are not really real. We’re trapped in sand-clock of light and dark. We’re so occupied with our works that we’re ignoring the reasons of our existence.

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