Subway track

Why you tryin to play me like that?

Saying I gotta go back to get where I’m going at.

Looking like a tin foil caterpillar with an American flag tattoo

Fuck it, I can’t ever leave you.

Nah I mean like your platform is too packed I really can’t leave you.


Don’t play.

Let me in. It’s too crowded.

People trying to walk by and there’s no way around it.

This lady keeps saying “it’s coming” like she’s afraid she’ll get pushed under you.

But you gotta get here for that to be true.

In my head I time out how long it takes to jump on the track avoiding the third rail and then make it back.

Across the way there’s plenty of them.

And I’m like who the hell is going to Forrest Hills at 8 AM?

Over here you don’t show. You think I don’t know?

You stay broke.

That’s why I hate messing with you.

Always the same three excuses mumbling bout investigating some sick missed signal.

I need you here, shit is so real.

This lady keeps saying “getting off” but I don’t think she is.

Someone brought three strollers for four or five kids.

Fuck it I can’t leave you.

Nah I mean like people won’t let me off I can’t leave you.

Missed my stop.

Boxed in like Foreman’s grill.


Like previously and currently but also we’re just not moving.

Gone too far now I gotta get back.

Me tracing the tracks on the subway map.

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