In the mind of a Commuter

For my digital story project, I’ve chosen to make it about how commuters feel about commuting an how they’re getting involved in their school while being miles away. In this option, I will gather my information by doing a series of interviews from students from different backgrounds and situations. I want to get a broad sense of how students manage school while still getting involved in activities.I will as ask them about what influenced them in their decision to live off campus and commute. I’ll ask questions about what mode of transportation they use to get here. I”ll also ask where they live and how far away it is from the University. I would like to compare my commuter experience to theirs to see if theres some tips I can learn from them or if I can find some clubs that would fit my schedule and be less stressful for me.

Going to college is all about find your identity and setting up your life for the future. The question is how can you do that when your 10 miles away and still living at home? How do you make sure you get to classes on time without being stuck in traffic? So much goes into the thinking process of a commuter. Theres so much to consider. I’ll ask my interviewees about how they stay involved and how they make time for it. I’ll interview a broad range of people who are in many clubs to people who are not in any clubs.

KSA (Korean Student Association) Kickoff

With a big campus like the University of Minnesota, there’s so much you can do, but we don’t live here. Are more of the activities geared towards on-campus students? Are we really apart of the U? These are more questions I would like to ask regarding whether or not they feel welcomed and included in their school. Meeting new people can be harder when you can’t see them everyday. You feel like you’re not having the “college experience” that everyone says you should have. Should you be ashamed at the fact that you chose not to live here?

The way I’ll interview my people is that I’ll have clips of their activities while I’m interviewing them. The video will get a sense of who they are and how they overcome the struggles of commuting. There will be music playing in the background. There might also be a skit in there about how a commuter’s day usually goes. It could be about how they can’t stay all night because they have to be home at a certain time. Sitting next to weird people on the buses or being stuck in traffic. It might even include the times when you can sleep over at a friends place, but you have to sleep on the floor. My video will have a little humor in there, but it will also be very helpful for commuters especially first years.

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