The Thorn in Every Startup’s Side
Sara Holoubek

Great summary Sara. There’s a belief in tech that everything old is bad and doing everything differently is the present and future. Ya kinda sorta with a lot of technology itself, but not so much with the business side. True, a lot of old corporate ways took advantage of employees and most have only made average incomes, but on balance there was stability there — wholesale cost cutting via mass layoffs being the exception.

So the idea that just having fun at work via free food, massages, day care, beer, etc. is an easy fix to rigid business models, is naive. It works when that start-up hits it big and can sustain such a workplace, but I agree, for those putting some distance on college and looking at the next phase of life, being in a company with a better business structure and more targeted use of funds will serve them better in the long run and the company might stick around longer.

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