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Di seguito nessun messaggio motivazionale. Meglio essere chiari fin da subito.

Quello che sembra un anno e mezzo è solo il primo periodo di quarantena. Si, due settimane. No, ho contato bene, sono solo due. Passata la prima ondata di felicità per lo smart-working in camicia e pantaloni della tuta, finite le ricette da sperimentare e le puntate in arretrato (quindi dopo quattro giorni più o meno) siamo davvero entrati nel mood di quello che sta succedendo. “Dovete stare solo a casa, cosa c’è di difficile?”. Certo, a confronto con il lavoro di medici e infermieri in questo momento è ben poca cosa, ma ripeterci che dovremo solo aspettare non migliora le cose, e nemmeno fingere che stia andando tutto bene. …

“Be creative”, they said. “Do some yoga”, they said. And I tried, I swear.

At the beginning, quarantine was not so bad. You know, the first day was just as when you have a cold and call your office to say that you are not going to go to work. An entire day off just for you. In some kind of way, it reminds you when you faked to be sick when you were ten, just to skip school for one day, and you could spend all the morning watching your favourite cartoons, drinking chocolate milk.

This feeling stopped to seem true to me after a couple of hours. …

You all know that stereotype about Italy. The one about mothers and grannies who always are concerned about their kids, from the age of one untill when they’re thirty. Well, since when our premier Conte, two weeks ago, said that Italy was not divided in two zones anymore and we were one nation in quarantine from that moment on, we started living into our houses, always with the TVs on, walking near the living room around six p.m. when someone says about the report of the day, in order to finally listen “You’re free! Go everywhere you want! …


Nelly Dogali

27 y.o. from Italy. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me reading, cuddling my dog or taking some photos. I strongly believe in the power of words.

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