How To Choose A Dog’s Private Residence Board

A common dilemma for many dog ​​parents is what to do when they have to leave town and leave their babies behind. Traditionally, dogs have embarked on kennels or with their veterinarian if there was not a friend or family member to see them. Nowadays, there are more alternatives that allow dogs to board than ever before. For those who prefer not to raise their dog in a kennel and are wary of a cage free environment with a lot of other dogs — one option that can work is to raise your dog in a private home with a professional host. Here are some things to keep in mind if you choose this option.


1. Get recommendations from people you know who have embarked their dogs on private homes or from a professional pet they trust, such as a trainer or a veterinarian.

2. Search the web for boarding private home. You can go through a company that requires your hosts to be certified (see Resources below) or you can choose private home freight shipment.

3. After you have written down a few, call and ask some basic questions like: Did the other dogs get tackled with my dog? If so, how many and what types of dogs? Will there be children present? Will there be constant supervision (other than short absences)? Is there a fenced yard? Where will my dog ​​sleep? What kind of experience does dog care take? What types of dogs do you have? How long has it been boarding dogs at home? Do you have references? Do you have insurance? Do you have a license or permit? (A permit or license is not always required for boarding, especially if there are three dogs or less). You can ask all these questions over the phone or in person. If you are going through a company, you may be able to answer the questions for yourself.

4. If you like what you hear, arrange to personally visit with your dog.

5. When you arrive, take a tour of the house and take a look at all the areas your dog will have access to.

6. Stay for a few minutes and observe how the host interacts with your dog and how your dog interacts with the environment, including the yard.

Tips & Warnings

Kennels and pet sitters tend to book faster than private house boarding, especially around holidays.

Private boarding home is usually cheaper than hiring a pet sitter to stay in your house overnight and is not normally supervised and pet sitters have other pet care jobs during the day.

Do not raise your dog in a private home if your dog has any antecedents of dog or aggression people.

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