Introductory Guide to Understanding Doge Army Token

Most investors are speculating in the crypto world. Conventional investors, however, remain focused on big names in the crypto-verse such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. On the other hand, there are some unorthodox investors who are fearlessly investing in new concept-backed coins that come in droves every month.

Meme coins fall into this category of crypto assets. Often referred to as a joke, a meme coin is a crypto asset that has shot to popularity when some top-gun retail investor or influencer backs it. As anyone can create a crypto coin, there are many meme coins present on the market. As per CoinMarketCap, upwards of 5,000 meme coins exist with a whopping market cap that exceeds USD 31 billion.

However, it is difficult to differentiate meme coins that deliver returns from a crypto coin that gives no value and is created just for fun. One meme coin that promises value to its community is the Doge Army Token. In this guide, we will explore Doge Army Token inside out.

Understanding Doge Army Token

Having the ticker symbol DGAT, Doge Army Coin is a community-driven crypto asset. However, there is one thing that makes this token superior to others. It is a fact that this crypto asset is built to create, sustain and develop the community of enthusiasts that are in love with meme coins and other doge crypto assets.

This token is designed to give back to the community in three ways:



Token-holding benefits

Now, let us understand how these three community-payback schemes work.

A token of gratitude for the community

Doge Army Token is primarily built to create a community and then give it back. The ecosystem fuelled by this token will give the community back in three concrete ways.


First things first, two per cent of every transaction will be sent to a predefined BSC address. This wallet’s address will be publicly published so that everyone can see the transactions happening in real time. Every week, all the transactions that have been stored in that wallet will be given away to token-holders. However, the chosen token-holders receiving the giveaway will have to fulfil certain requirements.


Then comes charity. The team behind Doge Army Token will give one per cent of every transaction to a public wallet of a charity. As DGAT is a doge meme token, the team behind it has chosen dog shelters and charities geared towards helping four-legged furry friends. Moreover, the team will also let the community pick a charity that should receive the donation.


Last but not least, 2 per cent of every transaction will be redistributed among the token-holders. The number of DGATs the token-holders will receive is proportional to the total amount of tokens they hold. This simply means the more DGATs token-holders will hold in their wallets for a long period, the more DGATs they will receive in return.

DGAT presale is coming soon

Are you interested in owning the amazing and community-focused Doge Army Token? If so, you are in luck because the DGAT presale will go live soon. The two-week presale will begin on Sunday September 12 2021 at 6 PM CEST. So, follow us on Twitter or join our Telegram channel to get the latest information on this one-of-a-kind token that exists to serve the community.


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