We don’t need a plant skyscraper

I realize it makes good copy and gets clicks and stuff, but when I see stuff like this it makes me just wanna throw my hands in the air.

No! We don’t need a damn plant skyscraper in every city! Not when we have lots and lots and lots of vacant land in every major metropolitan area in the country, millions of fresh food deprived people, and even more out of work looking for something meaningful to do with their lives.

This is stupid. This is hubris. And most importantly it takes precious resources, brain power, attention, and creativity away from ideas and groups that are actually doing good work. Like the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative, for instance.

Using three acres of vacant space in the city, MUFI has created a farm-to-table agricultural community, which will generate fresh produce for more than 2,000 households near the operation. Aside from farming space, the “agrihood,” as it’s known, features a massive three-story building that will hold events for MUFI, as well as serve as its office space and commercial kitchen. The setup will feature intern housing, and the outfit will be operated by community members who will work part or full time in the agrihood. The land features greenhouses and growing rows, and will help MUFI in its mission to supply local schools and food pantries with fresh produce.

Well, gosh. That was a lot easier than building a multi-million dollar plant skyscraper, wasn’t it?