For the fourth time in our nation’s history, white America is blowing everything up in order to maintain a strict racial hierarchy. Every time this country has come close to realizing its radical potential as a place of lawful peace among diversity, white people revolt and burn everything to the ground. It is, in fact, the most precise history of these united states; the grand through-line of our democratic experiment is not the so-called “American Dream,” but the near perfect record white Americans have of meeting all claims against their authority with a storm of violence and oppression.

The Civil…

Gotta do what you can just to keep your love alive. Trying not to confuse it, with what you do to survive. In sixty-nine I was twenty-one and I called the road my own. I don’t know when that road turned into the road I’m on.

- Jackson Browne, “Running on Empty

I’m redesigning my website again. I think this will be at least the 8th time I’ve done it since I launched in 2004. I imagine the sheer fact that I managed to snag my name as a dot com suggests that it is an old site.


Well, if you’re travelin’ in the north country fair,
where the winds hit heavy on the borderline,
remember me to one who lives there.
She once was a true love of mine.

Well, if you go when the snowflakes storm,
when the rivers freeze and summer ends,
please see if she’s wearing a coat so warm,
to keep her from the howlin’ winds.

Please see for me if her hair hangs long,
if it rolls and flows all down her breast.
Please see for me if her hair hangs long,
that’s the way I remember her best.

I’m a-wonderin’ if…

I can’t imagine how terrible solitary confinement must be. Or rather, and I can kind of now imagine it a little bit, but knowing that it must be sooooo much worse than what I’m going through now.

You just tell her that the only way her heart will mend s when she learns to love again. And it won’t make sense right now but you’re still her friend. And then you let her down easy

- Robyn, “Call Your Girlfriend

I’m a little surprised that I’ve somehow found something to write about nearly everyday of my quarantine, given that everyday is the same now.

Well, today is a touch different — I actually got up before 9am. I’ve been wandering around my house and yard for the last hour and half, unsure of how to proceed with…


Remember 8 years ago when I said I was starting the 40/40 Challenge, a self-imposed goal challenge for the first 40 weeks of 2020? You’d be forgiven if you didn’t. It didn’t last long; it only took a few weeks and then 2020 went aaaaaaaallllll the way off the rails, and so did the 40/40 Challenge.

For a refresher, here were the goals I was trying to achieve in the first 40 weeks of this accursed year:

  1. Lose 75 lbs
  2. Publish 2 novels and 1 photography book
  3. Grow my online audience to 10k (across Twitter, Instagram, and my newsletter)

I was listening the other day to an old episode of the always brilliant Strong Towns podcast and buried in an otherwise amazing discussion about the need for economics to move past its “Newtonian” phase, was an interesting little aside about Einstein’s time in the patent clerk’s office, which is where he came up with the theory of relativity. The host, Chuck Marohn wondered aloud about what would have happened if Einstein hadn’t been sequestered in this relatively boring, relatively isolated place for years? What if Einstein had instead gotten a low-level unsatisfying job in physics? …

One of the most complex things about the Climate Emergency is that it draws energy from, and worsens, so many of the other massive issues facing humanity. Not only is a warming, increasingly erratic and unpredictable climate scary enough, that it’s happening in a time of deepening cultural and social division, rising inequality, resource scarcity, and ecological devastation makes it that much worse.

For those of us paying attention it can be hard to keep it all together, or know where to focus our energy and time, which often just leads to paralysis and creepy fear. …

For those who aren’t aware, there are basically two camps in the post-capitalism/resource scarcity debate: the Cornucopians and the neo-Malthusians. As a brief primer, here’s a quick description of both:

Cornucopians — Taken from the term cornucopia, which is the horn of plenty we all recognize from every picture of a Thanksgiving table ever. Cornucopians point to 200 years of history showing increases in resource efficiency as proof that we will engineer our way out of resource scarcity. They’re basically the optimists.

Neo-Malthusians — Taken from the noted economist and doomsayer Malthus, who predicted that humans would basically turn into…

Everyone knows that entrepreneurs make a ton of money, right? Not according to this post by Compass, stating that a whopping 73% of startup Founders make less than $50k per year.

In 2008, Peter Thiel, venture capitalist and co-founder of PayPal, was the first to publicly propose the idea that higher founder salaries are correlated with lower levels of success. The reason is that founders who sacrifice everything for their startup are more dedicated to their idea, set a strong example for their team and have lower burn rates. More than five years since, the debates continues.

As loath as…

Tres Crow

I’m a writer & marketing dude. I write horror, scifi, & fantasy stories. I blog mostly about culture, politics, the writing life, & the horrors of modern life.

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