Dogethereum Alpha release

After 13 months of hard work CoinFabrik, Ismael Bejarano, Catalina Juarros and Oscar Guindzberg are proud to announce the Alpha release of the Dogecoin <-> Ethereum bridge.

The bridge uses the “Superblocks” concept to move coins Doge->Eth and a “collateralized” bridge to move coins Eth->Doge.

To understand how the bridge works you can have a look at our docs.

The source code is on github:
* Ethereum contracts
* Agents
* CLI tools for Users and operators
* Scrypt hash verification

We published a white paper explaining how “Superblocks” work.

To test the bridge, you can read the user manual.

We are going to demo the bridge on September 5th 10am PT. Join the livestreaming.