Dear Followers,

Over the last 4 months, we have made a huge progress in the development of the Dogezer project, both as a software and as a business. We are proud of the software we have created, and do believe that we have a lot of things to impress you, our future users. The whole team is confident that Dogezer platform is the next game changer in the IT field.

Our initial plan was to release the Beta version at the end of July, 2018 and then start an active marketing campaign to get more platform users on-board. Unfortunately, we…

Are you looking for a job to do? Or do you have an idea for an IT start-up, but don’t have a Team? Maybe you want to showcase your Project and sell some tokens? Dogezer has a one-stop solution for all the problems!

It doesn’t matter whether you a Project Owner or an Individual Contributor/Backer. The main problems and concerns that you most likely have are:

  • Time is money, so you need to acquire the best resources in a short amount of time.
  • You may need a wider variety of projects to join (i.e. …

Considering all the recent hype around crypto start-ups, everyone wants to raise money via an ICO. And, if you are reading this, you must be interested in starting your own, as well.

Dogezer platform allows you to start your own ICO and gives you a number of tools to make your success possible. The platform was developed while keeping our own experience and numerous other ICOs in mind. So, the process has proven to be tremendously effective.

Dogezer’s professional team will help you with the idea formalization, token implementation and many other vital steps. …

Here you’ll learn about the ways of implementation of Support on the platform, what will it include and how you can use it for your project. Also, you can participate in the development of the feature by sharing your thoughts and opinioins.

How would Support be implemented on Dogezer?

Right now, we use to have online chats and tickets. But that is not very convinient as this feature is independent from the platform. Our development team is working these days to migrate the support functions to be an integral part of our messaging system.

Generally, there will always be chat availability with “Dogezer Tech Support” (eventually…

Dear Readers, please find an update on the work done in last two weeks by Dogezer Team:

1. Statistics and Tokenomics

Platform stats:

  • Customers in negotiations/on-boarding to run their business/perform their ICO with the help of the platform: 13 (+8%)
  • Total Registered users on the platform: 598 (+2%)
  • Projects started on the platform (‘Test’ projects included): 152 (+1%)

DGZ Tokens supply: 3 628 899 DGZ Tokens

Exchanges where DGZ is available:

The latest deals on exchanges are happening in range of 0.0002 — 0.00045 ETH per DGZ, but the volume is quite low. We do anticipate the volume and…

For those of us in business or working in a corporate environment, we’ve all heard the term “the glass ceiling”. Basically, it refers to an invisible barrier (hence the word ‘glass’) that prevents a certain group from advancing past a certain hierarchy level. Most commonly, the term is utilized when referring to women and/or minorities. While many have considered this to be a thing of the past, that notion is rooted in naivety. In many institutions, the glass ceiling is an unfortunate reality and one that many struggle with.

An alternative to the standard corporate environment

However, the limitations imposed by the glass ceiling are generally restricted…

Dear Readers, please find an update from Dogezer team on latest achievements, developments and our future plans. We are going to present this kind of report twice a month, and looking for the feedback from your end on what are the additional topics you feel we need to cover. Contact us via with your ideas and recommendations!

1. Tokenomics

Our ITO has finished on March 8th, and during the course of March/Early April Dogezer Team have been taking care of distributing Bounty tokens to our Bounty participants (Done), paying Referral Campaign bonuses (Done) and burning of unsold DGZ tokens (Done). …

Dear Followers, we are happy to announce that we reached a partnership agreement with Agrello, a well known and respected Blockchain startup which implements legally binding smart contracts.

Dogezer would be utilizing Agrello to perform KYC for team members if project owner requires so, and will be ensuring that legally binding agreements between parties are backed with KYC and signed with Agrello ID.

Agrello is an Estonian blockchain startup, developing business-ready smart contract solutions. Agrello builds an AI powered graphical interface for the creation and management of smart contracts by users without legal or coding skills. …

Thank you for your support!

Dear Dogezer community!

Our ICO is officially finished! Thank every one of you for your help on this important stage of our project!

The total raise on all phases is: 1088 ETH and 7.75 BTC. The total number of tokens sold (including DGZ not yet exchanged for preDGZ): 3,556,321.09103745 DGZ tokens.

If you haven’t added DGZ to your wallet yet, please, refer to this article for instructions:

Taking into account bounty and founders share, this means that total supply of DGZ tokens would be 3,628,899.07248720 tokens. All the remaining tokens will be burnt before April 1st, 2018. Collected funds are going to be spent on the further development of the platform, building the legal infrastructure and user acquisition.


Today the StopTheFakes Ltd. team has entered into an expanded agreement with Dogezer. The partnership aims to create an integrated solution to protect from intellectual property infringement.

StopTheFakes, as the leading anti-software piracy system, will provide quick and effective detection and elimination of any encroachment on the intellectual property rights of the Dogezer users. Both teams have already started to optimize the software code and modules of their platforms to achieve highly efficient collaboration.

Dogezer will use the StopTheFakes system in order to protect its users from illegal tampering of their intellectual property rights. …

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