Dogezer Status Report — Early May 2018

Dear Readers, please find an update on the work done in last two weeks by Dogezer Team:

1. Statistics and Tokenomics

Platform stats:

  • Customers in negotiations/on-boarding to run their business/perform their ICO with the help of the platform: 13 (+8%)
  • Total Registered users on the platform: 598 (+2%)
  • Projects started on the platform (‘Test’ projects included): 152 (+1%)

DGZ Tokens supply: 3 628 899 DGZ Tokens

Exchanges where DGZ is available:

The latest deals on exchanges are happening in range of 0.0002 — 0.00045 ETH per DGZ, but the volume is quite low. We do anticipate the volume and the list of available exchanges to grow together with the release of our Beta version (scheduled for July 2018).

2. Product Developments

Our focus is the development process and polishing the platform, so, we are putting all the effort and resources into it. For the last 2 weeks, our developers have been working hard on fixing the bugs and adding new features and have greatly improved the platform.

  • Code Restructuring. We restructured the way how code is organized, targeting to separate messaging component from the rest of the code. This will allow us to release messaging and other components independently from the rest of the code, helping to implement features and fix bugs faster.
  • Smartcontracts. We added a new section into “Finances” — Contracts. It includes functionality to create and modify project smartcontracts and review project token statistics. Now you as a project owner can add, edit, and deploy your project smart contacts yourself based on templates we provide. These contracts are then organized and connected to each other, so project tokens can be used as payments for issues or sold on your ICO based on distribution you define.
  • Design. We integrated the Atomic Design Methodology in the User Interface. That is a big upgrade from the UI perspective as it will not only allow us to incorporate new features faster, but also provide every user with a quicker Interface.
  • Testing. We established testing infrastructure for the platform for the sake of raising quality of the platform releases.

*Note that we are not releasing these features into production yet due to breaking changes they introduce for our current customers. We would be working on migration process and hope to release these features, together with some additional ones, sometime in May.

As a funny coincidence, Dogezer servers are deployed in the same subnet on Amazon cloud as Telegram was using until recently, and Russian Governmental ban on Telegram made our servers to be inaccessible from some of our users in Russia. As of today the situation is successfully resolved and site is fully accessible for all users.

3. Plans for the Next Month

During next month our development team will be working on:

  • Integrating video and audio calls into the Messaging
  • Finalizing requirements and working on implementation on a platform-wide “support” functionality, allowing us to communicate with platform users through integrated messaging. We are planning to publish a separate article in our blog to describe the way we are going to provide the support on the platform
  • Improving the way platform interacts with the blockchain, by rewriting our smart contracts into tree like structure for the sake of higher flexibility and upgradeability
  • Continuing with the changes in a project economy setup, providing more granular, and at the same time, a more straightforward approach for users to define what their token is and how it could be used for collaborative development of their project.
  • Launching first pieces of Dogezer@Dogezer approach, which should allow us to involve the community into creating the solution which really satisfies the needs of this community.

A lot of new things are coming, so stay tuned! As always, happy to answer any of your questions: