Four questions about Dogezer

Your most favorite questions answered and explained in details

1. What is Dogezer?

Dogezer is a new generation collaboration platform where people work together and create innovative products. At the start, we are targeting software products, but then it can easily expand beyond that. Today, when you have an idea and want to get it implemented — you need to go the venture capitalist route, or start an ICO, raise money and then spend that money to pay your team (which, btw, you still need to convince to work with you). At the end, if you are successful, the income from your idea is used to pay back your investors, give them the 10x return that they expect and your team is satisfied with the salary they’re given.

We want to completely change this. So, imagine that you have a new concept regarding a software product. You go to our platform, detail your product vision based on some of the best practices that we provide, define how your product will generate revenue and outline how you’re going to share that revenue with the people who will help you implement that product. These profit sharing stipulations are captured in the form of a tokens platform will generate specifically for your product. For example, if you stated that; “My product will bring in $2 million dollars worth of revenue and I will spend half of that $2 million (i.e. $1 million dollars) to pay my team”, then the platform will generate 1 million tokens for you. Each token will be mapped to $1 dollar of future revenue.

Now you magically have a budget to pay your team!

You then go and hire your team from our freelancers marketplace (we actually call it the co-founders marketplace). And you pay your team members utilizing these tokens. All of them will work through our platform, which have an issue tracker, git, collaborative documents editor, integrated messaging, etc — all the tools developers need, so that each action can be tracked. When the product is completed — you then use the revenue in order to buy tokens from your team or you have the option to convert these tokens into company ownership.

You now have a result in which you are happy, since you have created your product without investment. Your team is happy, since they have earned much more than they could have earned, if they had merely worked for a standard contracting job. And the resulting product is exceptional, because everyone on the team is highly motivated to have it completed in the best possible fashion.

Oh, and in addition to this, we’re an ‘ICO as a Service’ solution — where people can go and start their own ICO in a matter of minutes and get everything they need in order to operate that ICO; token generation, smart contract deployment, they can hire their team from the members of our platform, they can run a bounty campaign through the platform and so on.

2. What is your target market? What problems does it solve?

We solve the following problems:

  • For entrepreneurs: It allows them to begin their project without the need for external funding. They create their product, generate the coin and pay utilizing these coins.
  • For individual contributors, such as developers, designers, etc.: Normally, these people are already employed and earn a decent salary. However, this salary is not enough for a career breakthrough. It’s just not enough to stop working and enjoy life. Starting a business may be not an option for many — because of the risks and obligations — like family, kids, mortgage, etc.. It may also happen that these people are also great developers, but may be lacking in the business knowledge department. Our platform allows them to break through this glass ceiling and by risking and working for project coins, they can earn much more than they were previously earning. They may work part time and earn money for living expenses from their primary job — or they may work full time and receive part of their earnings in project coins, USD or in Crypto.
  • For established companies: We give a complete and integrated set of tools and best practices which really helps them to save time and money while concentrating on their core business.
  • For Product Quality and Time to Market: Because of the use of promises attached to future success of the product, captured in the form of project tokens, there is a balance of interests in a product team. The entire team will either earn a substantial payback, if job is done well and meets expectations, or they all earn nothing (or close to nothing) if there are problematic issues and goals are not met. Such a monumental change, compared to the previous business model balance, is geared to improve the quality of the product.
3. What do I get if I purchase tokens of your project? What are the benefits of your token?

The DGZ token, which we offer, is a license to use our platform. We would be charging a fee from both project owners and contributors and to pay these fees, a license needs to be presented. One license gives the ability to pay $1 dollar’s worth of fees. Licenses can be purchased for US dollars or a license can be paid in a DGZ token, which provides at least 4 licenses. So there will be a demand generated from our users for DGZ tokens.

Paying in DGZ tokens is at least 4x more effective than paying in dollars. We sell tokens for a maximum of $1 USD on ITO (for 0.8$ on a closed sale which starts in 10 days) — but it should be enough to pay at least $4 dollars worth of fees.

It is very important to explain why we use “at least” above. The amount of service — i.e. the value of fees which can be paid, is not fixed. Generally, what happens is that we use smartcontract to calculate how much (in fees) can be paid with one DGZ token. We burn part of the token each time it is used on the platform — and this part depends on how much money we collected on ITO. For example, if we collected 1 million — we burn around 20% of tokens. If we collected 98 million — we burn around 70% of tokens each time when it is used. When a token is burned, the amount of fees which can be paid with other tokens, increases.

4. How much money do you want to collect? Why this particular sum?

We intend to collect between $1,000,000 USD and approximately $70-90 million USD. The hard cap is a bit vague, as it is measured in tokens, which we sell. A maximum 98 million DGZ tokens are here for sale. The base price for a token is $1, but there are discounts, etc — so it is a bit hard to say the exact dollar amount offhand. All tokens which are not sold — would be burned at the end of ITO.

It’s very important to understand why we have these sums. Generally, our product is ready, running in alpha mode and anyone can register and try it out. Of course, we would spend some of collected money for the purpose of adding more features and so on. But mostly we are raising money for:

  • Implementing legal infrastructure to support usecases offered by platform in multiple countries. Generally, we would like to ensure that all relationships that people will establish with one another, will be exactly the same as it is currently occurring in our world, in which stealing ideas or code or not paying your team members can be legally prosecuted. This goal generally defines our softcap.
  • Coming from a real business, we understand that there are always some metrics and costs associated with attracting users and keeping them engaged with the product (Things like Cost of Customer acquisition and Churn rate and so on). We know all of this, and we understand that startups which just say; “We want to raise $5 million and then have 10 million users” — are relatively doomed. We would be using most of the collected money to actually bring more people to the platform, to ensure that it is vibrant, and ensure that there are sufficient users of the platform.

Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to find us at: