How Dogezer helps to break through the ‘glass ceiling’

For those of us in business or working in a corporate environment, we’ve all heard the term “the glass ceiling”. Basically, it refers to an invisible barrier (hence the word ‘glass’) that prevents a certain group from advancing past a certain hierarchy level. Most commonly, the term is utilized when referring to women and/or minorities. While many have considered this to be a thing of the past, that notion is rooted in naivety. In many institutions, the glass ceiling is an unfortunate reality and one that many struggle with.

An alternative to the standard corporate environment

However, the limitations imposed by the glass ceiling are generally restricted to the standard corporate environment. This is where those who are in senior management have their own preconceived notions as to who, standing in front of them, will be allowed to advance in their work environment. In addition, those who are held down by these prejudices will rarely see their corporate improvements implemented. That’s because successful suggestions and subsequent promotions are inconsistent with the glass ceiling.

But suppose those who are usually the victims of the glass ceiling had the ability to work in a business on their own terms? More to the point, suppose the business, itself, was a product of their own concepts and talents? This is where Dogezer comes in.

What, precisely, is Dogezer?

Dogezer is a platform that is allowing hard-working, talented individuals realize their dreams when it comes to implementing their own business ideas. How many times have you said to yourself, “If I just had the resources, I know that I could make my product idea work!”? Well, Dogezer can make that happen.

Here, an innovator can design a product (such as a computer game) and then obtain the funds to actually make it and market that product themselves. The best part of this platform is that you don’t need to have the upfront money to do so! You just need to go to the platform and begin by detailing your product within the parameters of their best practices and point out how your product will earn money. Then, you tell how you would plan to distribute your revenue with those who were instrumental with assisting your new business.

Everyone is then subsequently paid in the form of tokens. Once the development phase is over and the product begins to earn money, the cash starts to flow in, creating the ability for the tokens to be bought back. It’s that simple. In addition, those who are being compensated can actually earn much more than they would in a standard business environment. Dogezer will even
direct you to some excellent professionals who are willing to work with you and make your business a success. That’s because your success becomes their success.

The glass ceiling becomes a thing of the past

It’s important to understand that the glass ceiling is dependent on others who are in a position to control your advancement in the business world. Once that factor has been removed, you are the one who determines your success. That success will have nothing to do with your gender, race, nationality, etc. The only applicable determination will revolve around your own ideas, talent and the willingness to see your business dreams become a reality. You create your own success!

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