Prices, HardCap and Smartcontracts

Dear readers, in this article we would like to reiterate on what is a price of DGZ token during our ITO, explain what is our HardCap in ETH, and define how you could validate the amount raised so far.


As described in the Private Sale Announcement, we decided to use the conversion rate of $1600 per 1 ETH during our ITO. While this is larger than current market price, we do believe that ETH will resume its growth in the upcoming months and will get closer to the rate we have chosen. We do reserve the right to change conversion rate in case if the price will stabilize on a lower level — which will cause an increase in the price of DGZ Token. In the event if this happens, it will only impact purchasers who will do a purchase after such change. Participating in our ITO is even more appealing with such difference between our conversion rate and the market price, so hurry up!

With $1600 per ETH conversion rate, here are the prices which we are using on all of the phases:

  • 0.0005 ETH per DGZ, 2000 DGZ per 1 ETH during the Private Sale, Jan 15th, 2018, 13:00 UTC — Feb 15th, 2018, 13:00 UTC.
  • 0.0005625 ETH per DGZ, ~1777 DGZ per 1 ETH during the first week of the Public Sale, Feb 15th 13:00 UTC — Feb 22nd 13:00 UTC.
  • 0.000594 ETH per DGZ, ~1683.5 DGZ per 1 ETH during the second week of the Public Sale, Feb 22nd 13:00 UTC — Mar 1st 13:00 UTC
  • 0.000625 ETH per DGZ, 1600 DGZ per 1 ETH during the third week of the Public Sale, Mar 1st 13:00 UTC — Mar 8th 13:00 UTC

Note that there are additional discounts available for purchases over 100 ETH on the Private Sale (10%) and for purchases over 50 ETH(5%) and 100 ETH(10%) on the Public Sale round.


There is a maximum of 98,000,000 Tokens for sale on all rounds, and this defines the HardCap for the ITO. Based on how our purchasers would be utilizing bonuses, the maximum raise is between ~49,000 ETH and ~60,000 ETH. While this may sound quite large, there are a few important aspects which shouldn’t be missed while analysing our HardCap:

  • HardCap is often used to predict the Total Market Cap of a token after the end of an ICO. In our case, we are selling 98% of all tokens ever available, making these values almost equal. This is quite different from what other ICOs do — who in general sell 50–70% of their tokens, and have their initial Total Market Cap to be significantly larger than their HardCap.
  • Any unsold tokens will be burned.
  • The last, but not the least — note that out Token behaviour depends on a raised amount. The larger the amount of funds collected, the higher is a burn rate for each token each time when it is used on the platform. For 1 million USD collected, the burn rate would be set at ~20%, and if all the tokens are sold — the burn rate would be set at 70%. Because of that burning, tokens supply decrease, so an individual token price may raise even if the Total Market Cap for all of the tokens stays constant.

Our Smartcontract addresses (To validate total collected funds)

Our total raise, as of Feb 17th, 2018 is 994 ETH. This includes the funds raised on the preICO (361 ETH) and the funds raised so far on the Private Sale (491 ETH).

To validate the amount of collected funds, please refer to the following Smart Contracts:

The total funds ever sent to that smartcontract is 414 ETH, but some have been returned back to the purchasers as discounts (Executed manually). The real amount of funds collected is 361 ETH.

Please note that you need to be whitelisted on to be able to send funds to that smartcontract to purchase DGZ tokens.

We are happy to answer any of your questions! You can reach us through: