Support: Designed to Amplify Your Project

Here you’ll learn about the ways of implementation of Support on the platform, what will it include and how you can use it for your project. Also, you can participate in the development of the feature by sharing your thoughts and opinioins.

How would Support be implemented on Dogezer?

Right now, we use to have online chats and tickets. But that is not very convinient as this feature is independent from the platform. Our development team is working these days to migrate the support functions to be an integral part of our messaging system.

Generally, there will always be chat availability with “Dogezer Tech Support” (eventually with voice calls and screensharing) like any other messaging chat on the platform. In addition, every ticket will be a separate ‘channel’, where you can communicate as you would on a Vacancy or any other Issue on the platform.

We also will do Project Management Support”, which would be free in alpha and potentially free in beta (but could become paid features after a full-size release is completed). This will inlcude two key features:

1.One of the challenges our customers have is the need to understand how they should set up their project, and many are in doubt what decisions to make or what the consequences of them would be.

To solve this, we are offering a consultation for every new project user who wants to understand what steps they need to take. This involves making sure that all parts of their business vision are in place, e.g. goals/processes/objectives set, financial/token model developed, while the project management and risk management approach is chosen depending on the project type.

Right now, we do provide these consultations via Skype and telegram, but we are going to switch that to our messaging, in a month or so. If you want to have a call/chat with us ASAP to understand how to setup your project or ICO — drop us an email to Sometime in May/June — please expect to find that “Personal Consultation” will be one of the features that you’ll be able to access in our menu.

2.Another aspect is running your project on the actual platform. We are going to offer an experienced business manager from our end who will join your project and look at the development, providing consultations and advice when you’re in doubt (PM documents flow/review; help in decision making; goal/objectives review).

To facilitate this, we are introducing a new “project team” (i.e. a team inside your project) into each of the projects on the platform — “Dogezer Customer Support”. When a project is looking for assistance, they can request someone from our “Project Management Support” group, share the appropriate documents and permissions with them and hear the advice and recommendations on further actions.

All of this will be implemented internally. Remember, we want to run the platform development within Dogezer@Dogezer concept, i.e. by the power of the crowd to actually move the platform forward. To fit everything into that concept, we are going to implement the following effective solutions:

  • The Dogezer@Dogezer project will contain a “Tech Support” team and every online chat or ticket will become an “Issue” within that team. Initially, we would be using our internal resources, but over time, other members of the Dogezer project will also be addressing and resolving these tickets.
  • In addition, every new user will generate an “Issue” in the “PM Support” team (inside the Dogezer@Dogezer project). And while, for the customer it will look like just another chat, internally it would be an issue inside “Team” located inside the Dogezer project, where the “Discussion” thread is actually the same chat.
  • In the long run, we are going to expand this for your projects as well. So if any Project Owner on the Dogezer platform needs a support chat or ticketing system assistance, they can create a new “Team” inside their project, and will embed (iframe) a piece of code from the Dogezer website, which will give:
  1. A powerful online chat and ticketing system to the customers of that project
  2. Each request becomes an “Issue” in the “Project Issue Tracker”, which could be picked up and worked on by the community and paid for with project tokens.

So, which aspects will Dogezer Support include?

  • online chats with our support specialists
  • the ability to submit tickets and see their status
  • navigate through help articles and FAQs
  • create interactive help functionality, which is provided by a chat bot
  • and make a number of tooltips available.

Overall, Dogezer approach potentially removes any limitations to the way customer support is scaled, which is a big pain for many tech giants these days. Think “Google” — overall, they have good products, but their support is kind of “non-existent”. The answer is a free market approach where hundreds of potential support agents will compete for the issues to work on and solve (and receive payment for those issues) — in which the best qualified professionals are selected, helping owners of these businesses — and eventually assisting these businesses to grow. This may definitely go well beyond traditional “support” — and bring a refreshing personal touch to online sales and additional customers on-boarding for many, many projects.

What else do you want to see on Dogezer? Test our platform and share your thoughts via and we’ll contact you back :)

As always, happy to answer any of your questions: