[576] In Search of Lost Rhyme
 I don’t know you must stop asking
 In nose too deep or stocking stacking
 As thoughts carry and weigh in turn
 A flame to candle’s hope does burn
 Hands black with dirt now close resembles
 A past ‘ner left new world assembles
 Depleted brow and shoulders sunk
 Do flowers mock repugnant funk
 Ideal so far a heaven’s breath
 Knelt down befallen inspirit death
 Were cotton not privy to common knave
 Emboldened your stature as modern slave
 No amount may charge or sound
 The writ of sale for souls abound
 Choice as faux as whom to fight
 Wholly swallowed eschewing bite
 Scheme so standing in mock protest
 Body and mind each tolled egress
 Ashamed to recognize a face
 To look upon the feral base
 Arch and step in service too
 Consumer force produce and moo
 It matters not asleep awake
 Sagacious pride dismissing cake
 Taken back unsettled scores
 Laid bare insipid salacious whores
 Gave up a scream in silence whispered
 As boiling lobster denied its Mister
 A still not cold nor true and true
 Take life in turn of what kills you
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 February 19, 2017 at 01:35AM

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