4 Main Symptoms of Food Allergy in Dogs

Did you spot your pooch severely scratching his body or licking his paws? If yes, then I am afraid, he is most likely suffering from some kind of allergy. Don’t be shocked or worried. Like humans, dogs too suffer from various types of allergies. So, if you have seen your doggy scratch or licking, please do not assume that he has only ticks and fleas, which will go away after you bathe him. Instead, consult a veterinary doctor, because he/she will be able to tell you what exactly the issue is.

Are you wondering what kind of allergies do dogs suffer from? Well, there are many types of Dog Allergies. Some of the common ones are Flea Allergy Dermatitis, Food and environmental allergies.

While food allergies are fairly rare this type of allergy is caused by hyper sensitivity to the protein in the food item. Don’t think that food allergy is equivalent to food intolerance, as both are different issues with different symptoms. Food intolerance is limited to digestive disorders (such as flatulence because of poor digestion), but food allergy can cause an immune system reaction, which can affect other organs of your pooch. they can massively affect the quality of life of your dog and their immunity health in general.

How to detect food allergy?

Now, you must be thinking, how will you understand whether your ball of fur really has food allergy or not. Don’t worry; below are some symptoms that will help you understand that your doggy is allergic to any food or not.

  1. Digestive System Upset — When your dog’s stomach is upset and his/her health is getting worse; or if he/she is suffering from gas and diarrhea, and is vomiting continuously, then take him to a veterinary doctor. Because, these symptoms indicate that they have some major medical condition. IT might be because they are allergic to some food. Itchy and oozing skin- Along with digestive system disorder, if you see that he is continuously itching and has oozy kind of skin, be alarmed. They could be having food allergy.
  2. Coughing, Sneezing And Asthma — More than half of the people think that their pet is sneezing or coughing, or is having breathing issues because he/she must be suffering from a cough and cold. But, this can be a big misconception (especially if the ‘cold’ doesn’t get better or worse). A dog doesn’t always sneeze or cough because he/she has caught a cold; they also sneeze when they are allergic to some kind of substance (and its occasionally a specific food). So, if you see your doggy dear sneeze, cough or suffering from asthma, contact your vet and let him diagnosis the issue.
  3. Swollen Paws — Did you see that your pooch has swollen red paws? Well, that’s OFTEN not because of an insect bite. It is can be because they have a food allergy. So, better take him to a vet and start his medication as soon as possible.

These were the three main symptoms that will help you understand that your pet has a food allergy. So, next time if you see your pet giving any of the above-mentioned symptoms, immediately carry him to a veterinary, and also ask the doctor to give a proper diet chart and a Hypoallergenic Dog Food, so that your bundle of joy can stay healthy.

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