Things Men Have Said While Auditioning For Me
Allison Page

This was without a doubt the funniest thing I’ve read so far today. Well, it’s still morning, but I betcha it’ll still be taking the honors by bedtime. LOL — literally!

Have you considered created a comedy sketch about this? Related possibility: rednecks auditioning racist jokes for directors they’re surprised to discover at the last minute have dark skin? And then they get all patronizing there too: “Oh, uh, you’re … um, oh my, well, uh, you know I have the greatest respect for you people, at least those of you who have made something of yourselves. Well, um, anyway, no offense, but here are my jokes …” (I love when people say “no offense” when they’re going to say something offensive. Like that makes it okay? Does the mafia hit man say “Don’t take this personally” when he drops you in the bay with cement overshoes?)

Anyway, seems like a rich lode to be mined here: anti-Semitic jokes for a director wearing a yarmulke, towelhead jokes for a director wearing a burqa, fat jokes for an obese director, etc., etc.