The SHORT truth and review on Adaptil’s Diffuser

Do you have an anxious dog at home? Have you tried to calm your dog to no avail? Are you looking for a natural way to calm your young puppy or comfort your older dog? Well, the Adaptil Diffuser could be just thing you are looking for. The Adaptil Diffuser uses a synthetic pheromone, that mimics a natural pheromone produced by the dog’s mother, that when sensed by your anxious dog, works to calm and comfort them. 
There are many reasons a dog may feel anxious and afraid and the Adaptil diffuser has been designed to help you minimize the impact of these occasions. The Adaptil Diffuser technology is a safe and natural product designed to help you and your dog lead a happier life.

How does the Adaptil Diffuser Work?

Bringing a new puppy, or rescue dog, home for the first time can be stressful for owner and dog alike. Anything you can do to help ease the anxiety for your dog will only benefit your dog in the long run.

The Adaptil Diffuser, previously known as the Dog Appeasement Pheromone, uses a 30-day screw in vial in concert with a plug-in diffuser. It is suggested that owners plug the Adaptil diffuser into a working wall socket within the room used most by the anxious dog.

Covering approximately 50–70 m², each diffuser has sufficient capacity to suit most rooms within a home. When plugged into the working wall socket, and turned on the diffuser is ready to be used. When in the on position the diffuser periodically releases the Adaptil pheromone, which mimics a canine appeasing pheromone, produced naturally by their mother.

The canine appeasing pheromone, which is recognized by the dog throughout their life, works to calm the dog and is proven to work on both puppies and older dogs. Adaptil is odourless and has no impact on humans or any other animals. Adaptil can also be used as a training aid for your dog, as it can also be used as a calming agent before training sessions, helping the dog learn more effectively.

Owning a dog is a wonderful thing any human can do in their life. Having a happy dog that thrives and is unafraid is the goal of any owner. With the ability to calm anxious and afraid dogs, as well as calm and focus your dog prior to training, the Adaptil Diffuser is a fantastic alternative to traditional canine behaviour modification techniques.

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