You obviously did not even read my real experiences that had nothing to do with being in the “wrong place” or drinking, or any other provocative action on my part.
You just don’t get it.
D. Denise Dianaty

No, you just can’t seem to keep two conflicting or overlapping thoughts in your head. No one is saying that victims are to blame. You’re ascribing that to me, but of course I never said that.

If you send your children out into the world without taking reasonable precautions to ensure their safety- which I’m sure you do everyday, but refuse to call it that- then you would be a terrible mother. No one can guarantee total safety, but there is a lot that we can all do. And it is bloody irresponsible not to take reasonable safety precautions as a parent.

If you drove your kids around and refused to put them in seatbelts and then got hit by a drunk driver and the children were injured worse because they were not in seatbelts, would it be okay to say, “you should always wear a seatbelt.” Or is that victim-blaming?

People are not responsible for being victimized AND we can all work to prevent these things from occurring. It’s not that complicated.

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