The Future of Learning
Niklas Göke

The curios case of learning as an individual serendipity by design

The abundance of data & potential knowledge has emphasized the inherent nature of learning as a core skill for each human. Modern times are making mandatory all of us become lifelong learners for real — previously, lifelong learning was just a motivational hack and a selling point for training budgets geared towards bored corporate people.

The equation of learning as a skill builds on an array of critical inputs, among which I identify:

  • Curiosity — sincere passion to find out knowledge. Childlike curiosity, maybe.
  • Open mind — never wake up and face the world with a full cup of tea, like the Zen master taught the disciple. Stop labeling and judging and making everything about life and knowledge a matter of black and white. If it was like this, the serendipity of physics and Universe would not have blessed us with the rainbow
  • The ability to bridge the gap between terabytes of knowledge to the selective intelligence of specifically applied knowledge within personal circumstances — this is more of a case of individual serendipity, and no matter how much we read about Steve Jobs and Bruce Lee and Elon Musk, we got to become our own heroes
  • Structure — the ability to synthesize, correlate, integrate and store the newfound knowledge / data points. I think we owe the blessing of structure to the classical way of learning, and it is a good thing we take over forward.

Finally, I would add and contribute a quote from my high-school physics teacher — after finishing another school year, he told us as he smashed the worn Physics manual on his desk:

Now you are richer with 300 grams of Physics. But I did not teach you Physics. I taught you how to learn.

And he was so damn right.

Thank you Nik for firing our brains once again.

Also I think they should add your article to “The New New” collection on Medium :)