I don’t know how it happened but I may accidentally be going back to my old job. Actually doing the same work for the same company. I don think I would want the same job was released from under the old circumstances. I was looking to leave and create a life of freedom.

My plan was to be working 100% online, traveling the world, living the freedom lifestyle. What happened? I liked the work and loved the freedom it afforded me. Luckily I was let go and I left on good terms. I believe everything happens for a reason. When one door is closed many doors and windows immediately open for you. This is how I maybe Accidentally Going Back To My Old Job and why things may be better.

Living The Digital Nomad Dream

I became a minimalist a few years before I was released (terminated) from my old job. I was downsizing all of my possessions in order to live great with less money. My plans were to earn money from my websites, quit my job and live the freedom lifestyle.

I am a Telecommunications Network Technician and I had plans of documenting my work day in the field and upload it to my YouTube channel. A Podcast was planned for the future.

Well, my employer had other plans and terminated me before I got everything off the ground. LOL. It was like they knew of my plans and put a monkey wrench in the works for shits and giggles. In my last 90 days, I was taken off the road and was placed in the Network Operations Center. That put an end to my future YouTube uploads documenting my workday in the field.

I only had plans to work for one more year before I quit to live my digital nomad dreams. I was not prepared to accelerate my plans but when life hands you lemons you make lemon aid.

Back To My Old Job Is New Again

I wanted to design my life to live with only the essentials and shedding waste to be happier. That is how I am living now and making progress. I decided to become a contractor and pick up some jobs. I missed doing the work I did for some many years.

As I worked online to build passive income I missed being out and about working. I would set up office at places that offer free WiFi, like malls, parks, and other public places daily. I often saw people going to work and stopped to watch tradesmen working when I happened upon job site. This is why I decided to go back to my old job. Not the company as much as the type of work.

When I made myself available the floodgates opened. I was swamped with possible opportunities. Surprisingly I am back to my old job. Not completely back to my old job, but better. I am doing the same work for many other companies. I am back to my old job in that sense.

In a more direct sense, I am back to my old job through a contractor we used when I was at the company I last worked. Working through this contractor I am working with many of the same people I use to work with doing the same work. I am back to my old job in that sense also.

The best part is I am working more with the people I really liked. Not that I did not like others but some people are more difficult than others to work with. I always make it a point to love the difficult people more, even though I may like them a little less.

Living Like A Tourist During My Workday

Now I only work when I want and the jobs I want. I try not to drive anywhere and use public transportation. Never in a rush and I avoid stress. I look and move differently that other workers and commuters around me. I am actually enjoying my commute.

Recently I had a few jobs in the new World Trade Center and I behaved like a tourist. The company I use to work for had an office there and when I would visit I would be in and out. Never really taking in the surroundings. The food. The shops. The landscape. The history. Now The World Trade Center Mall provides a lot of my work as the stores and shops move in. Now I enjoy them all. I am a tourist everywhere I go.

Recently I had an evening job at Columbus Circle recently. I arrived almost 2 hours early to enjoy the sights, sounds, and food. My job was inside the big mall there and I drew some attention from security but I had a ball. Again The Columbus Circle Mall has been a source of work for me.

I had a job in a building on Park Ave in a building I use to work out of. Never realizing the building had a lower, lower level with a health club and shops. I was always rushing to get there on time and rushing to leave to catch the train home. This time I explored the area and even visited The United Nations before I when to lunch.

Next week I have a job in Queens and Brooklyn. I will be exploring those boroughs and enjoy the foods, sights, and sounds. Living stress-free like a tourist. Going back to my old job has actually been a source of fun, excitement and stress relief.


Becoming a Minimalist and drastically editing my possession down to only the essentials has allowed me to live more with less. Added to working online to produce passive income from my websites I can actually work less and enjoy working more.

How would editing down your possessions and the maintenance of them affect your quality of life? Would you save much time and money? If so, what would you do with that saved time and money?

I decided to go back to my old job. Is there a job you would go back to? Are you not doing what you really would like to do because of finances? Please tell me what you think

Tony Wideman