Learning many ways to improve sleep quality can be very helpful for improving health and wellness. Have you heard of weighted blankets? If what I have heard about weighted blankets are true you should run out and get a few for yourself, friends and family.

Do they possess therapeutic qualities that increase sleep quality? That is the question we will explore today. Anything that adds to healthy and happiness is always welcome. As a simple living minimalist if I can use a blanket to add to that all the better. Nothing extra to add to my possessions.

Weighted Blankets Increase Ways To Improve Sleep Quality

Weighted Blankets are weighted bedspreads with pockets of plastic pellets that add to its weight. Most of these blankets weigh between 15 and 25 pounds. The weighted blankets are believed to stimulate touch-sensitive receptors under the skin. These receptors are activated during many forms of contact like when receiving a hug or therapeutic massage.

These properties are believed to be one of the ways to improve sleep quality through the use of weighted blankets. It is believed the therapeutic weighted blankets harnesses the power of deep touch stimulation that calms the nervous system. This calming effect can be beneficial to improving sleep quality.

The feeling of being hugged cause a chemical cocktail effect on the body that includes increases in serotonin and melatonin levels and decreases cortisol levels. The increased levels of these chemicals in the body can relieve anxiety and stress, rocking you into more restful sleep quality.

Weighted Blankets Are Not Just For Bed Time

These blankets have been used in the medical community to relieve stress and anxiety for a long time. They have proven to be very effective helping folks with dementia, autism, ADHD and PTSD calm themselves in stressful settings.

Why they are not widely used outside of the medical community escapes me. I can think of many setting and situations most people would love to benefit from the gentle hug of weighted blankets. They should be more widely used.

Because people spend much of their time in a state other than standing the weighted blanket can be used for more than sleeping. Lying on the couch surfing the web, on the phone or just watching tv is the ideal time to benefit from the calming effects of the weighted blanket.

Most of the time when an ordinary blanket is used a weighted blanket may be a better fit. Sleep is very important to living a healthy life. Anything that can reduce stress and anxiety during the day will add to the possibility of achieving quality sleep during the night.

The use of weighted blankets is one of the more simple ways to improve sleep quality. Without doing anything extra. Just the use of a blanket, nothing added, nothing taken away, just going through normal steps in life. Can the Weighted Blanket be one of the ways to improve sleep quality in your life?

Tony W

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