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By Dec 20th, 2019 all DOGP (Dogecoin Private) Must be sent to the Altilly exchange link below to receive Bitcoin Token (BTCT). (no other exchange is supported)

Our Coin is becoming part of the larger movement of Bitcoin Token!

We are excited about this big change and know it will be a benefit to all holders! Buy DOGP while its cheap for the swap!

And start working on getting DOGP to altilly now:

The ratio for swap will be 1000:1.

1000 DOGP to 1 BTCT.

Example: If you have 1000 DOGP you get 1 BTCT

PS our new website is:

When transferring to Altilly make sure to find DOGP

deposit address under Balances.

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DOGECOIN PRIVATE has invested money in exchanges that are not alive today and further seen delisting on exchanges.

We had a rough year on many fronts and we believe it is time to act on that and we are positive that the new team and project of Bitcoin Token BTCT will help our community in this situation and offer a fair ratio based on their community and exchanges they are planning.

DOGP team wants to thank all our supporters for any help and we are happy to announce that our developers will join Bitcoin Token BTCT and be part of the revolution.

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Dogecoin Private

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