Dogs at Work
Jul 27, 2018 · 3 min read

Dogs@work named Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. as a 2018 recipient of The DOG Award. “With tremendous enthusiasm, Build-A-Bear has embraced the dog as a valuable addition to its company campus,” says Debbie Black, Director of Dogs@work. “For Build-A-Bear’s Headquarters in St. Louis Missouri, every day of the 365 day calendar year is dog day. Their company canine policy is beyond compare.”

According to Dogs@work, an animal advocacy group, Build-A-Bear might be named after a bear, but it couldn’t be friendlier to another kind of favorite furry companion: dogs. In order to bring their dogs to work, employees at the St. Louis office, sign a “Doggy On-Boarding” agreement, which covers etiquette rules. The company’s dog perks include puppy parties to celebrate dog birthdays, treats, and a canine concierge service that whisks the dogs off to a spa day with grooming and day camp.

Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. is an American retailer that sells teddy bears and other stuffed animals. Customers are part of an interactive process in which the stuffed animal of their choice is assembled and tailored to their own preferences during their visit to the store. Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. is the largest chain that operates in this style. Since the close of Toys-R-Us, Build-A-Bear is the largest bricks-and-mortar toy retailer.

The company has been acclaimed for the quality of its working environment. At first, the company’s slogan was “Where Best Friends Are Made”. In 2013, the slogan was changed to “The Most Fun You’ll Ever Make”.

At Company “Bearquarters” in St. Louis

“The DOG Award is about more than recognizing successful organizations,” says Black. “The companies which earn The DOG Award exemplify companies that invest in every level of its employee’s performance. Build-A-Bear Workshop is at the forefront of the dogs at work movement.”

This summer, Dogs@work is announcing ten American companies in their inaugural class of recipients of The DOG Award for 2018. “Studies have shown a tremendous contribution from dogs at the office,” says Thom Black, a director at Dogs@work. “At the office, dogs increase morale, de-stress the environs, facilitate meaningful communication, and increase productivity. One in ten companies in America include dogs in their workplace design. Its time for other companies to look at Build-A-Bear and observe what they are doing with their canine policy.”

Build-A-Bear joins Mars, Ben & Jerry’s, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, and Zogics in the inaugural class of DOG Award winners for 2018.

The Latin phrase, a bonis ad meliora, embedded in the gold circle of The DOG Award means from good to better. “Build-A-Bear has made its good company better by including their employees’ dogs in its company culture,” says David Paul Kirkpatrick, a director at Dogs@work, and the former President of Paramount Pictures and the former President of Walt Disney Pictures.

Dogs@work is an animal advocacy group that encourages positive awareness of dogs in corporate culture. 37% of dog owners would sacrifice vacation time or a pay raise to be able to bring their dog to work. 44% of dog lovers would consider a career move for a pet-friendly workplace.

In November, 2018, The DOG Award will be presented to Build-A-Bear at their Bearquarters in St. Louis. “It’s exciting for us to be presenting this award to Build-A-Bear with both dogs and their humans in attendance,” says Kirkpatrick. “Dogs make for better and kinder companies, and, in turn, a better and kinder world.”

Dogs at Work

Dogs at Work is a social-advocacy group that celebrates and advances the integration of dogs in the human workplace.

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