Dogs at Work
Aug 1, 2018 · 4 min read

Dogs@work named Google as a 2018 recipient of The DOG Award. “Google has beautifully established the dog as a valuable addition to its corporate culture,” says Debbie Black, Director of Dogs@work. “Since its inception, Google has been at the forefront of integrating their furry friends into their human culture.”

Google joins Mars, Incorporated, Ben & Jerry’s, Build-A-Bear Workshop, and Zogics in the inaugural circle of companies who are DOG award winners.

In its corporate conduct code documents, Google, the search engine giant, calls itself a “dog company. Google’s affection for our canine friends is an integral facet of our corporate culture.”

Dogs at Google

Google has an open-dog policy across its satellites across the world. Dogs who join their humans at work are known as “Dooglers”. The company’s dog-friendly policy extends to all of its 70 offices in countries including Belgium, Denmark, Israel, Russia and Brazil. Dogs embody the “tenacity, loyalty and all-around playfulness” of Google’s culture, says Meghan Casserly, corporate communications manager at Google. But their owners must be responsible too. They must, adhere to the “no peeing on the carpet policy”.

Featured Treats for Dooglers at the company cafe

Dogs@work is an animal advocacy group that encourages positive awareness of dogs in corporate culture. Research shows that 1 in 10 companies support dogs in the workplace. 37% of dog owners would sacrifice vacation time or a pay raise to be able to bring their dog to work. 44% of dog lovers would consider a career move for a pet-friendly workplace.

From the Google UK office. “To mark #woofwooofwednesday, we’re handing control of our Social channels to a Doogler. What could possibly go wrong?”

“Studies have shown a tremendous contribution from dogs at the office,” says Black. “In the office, dogs increase morale, de-stress the environs, facilitate meaningful communication, and increase productivity. One in ten companies in America include dogs in their workplace design. It’s time for other companies to look at Google and decide what they are doing with their own canine policy.”

“A surprising number and variety of businesses now recognize the added value of allowing dogs in the workplace, and not just on the annual Take Your Dog to Work day,” says Julia Lane of Bark Magazine. “Increasingly, what started out as occasional canine visits have grown into standard practice in offices around the country.

“Likewise, official pet policies are now part of many employee handbooks; the rules not only address proper pooch-related etiquette and behavior, they also provide non-dog people with assurance that their needs are taken into consideration. But a document weighed down in legalese doesn’t explain the amazing transformation that can happen to a company and its people when dogs are welcomed. People who perhaps would never have met or spoken to one another are drawn to the dog in the cubicle or out in the parking lot. A shy person feels free to greet the dog and kneel down beside her for a friendly lick. A fearful person bravely reaches out a hand for the dog to smell, and delights in her cold nose.”

The Latin phrase, A bonis ad meliora, embedded in the gold circle of The DOG Award means from good to better. “Google has made its good company better by including their employees’ dogs at its campus,” says David Paul Kirkpatrick, a director at Dogs@work, and the former President of Paramount Pictures and the former President of Walt Disney Pictures. “Dogs make for better and kinder companies, and, therefore, a better and kinder world.”

In November of 2018, The DOG Award will be presented to Google at their offices in Mountain View , California. “It’s exciting for us to be presenting this award to Google where both Dooglers and their Googlers will be in attendance,” says Kirkpatrick.

For more information on joining the growing Dogs@work Nation, please visit the Dogs@work webpage.

Dogs at Work
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