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I haven’t decided yet and that should be quite problematic for the Clinton camp. I have never voted for a Republican since forever and that includes two Reagan elections where he looked pretty good at the time. If THIS is the way The Democrats decide they want to reward loyal voters … by ignoring us and then mocking our very real questions about health care by saying, quite glibly, “I assume that is a rhetorical question…” then they really deserve to lose this. And the rest of America will suffer.

The hubris within the Sherrod Brown camp is absolutely amazing! When he is on tv, when I see him on CSPAN, he seems like he really cares but when the rubber meets the road, he ignores me and mocks my needs.

The Democrats have made a strategic decision to pay attention to the young and the old. Screw the people in the middle because apparently we are reliable voters OR as I heard on morning tv today, not a demographic they can “win” so why bother? Well, my one vote can tilt that easily. They need to get a damn grip. There are a lot of us out here looking around and thinking, “f*ck it” as well.

I’m the one who is paying for health care for my kids when they were under 27. I am the one who is strapped to the “cheap” plans folks now enjoy. But there is NO ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of my sacrifice. Not one damn word. Never.

Am I pissed off? You bet I am. The Democrats are using my obligation to the ones I love and have committed to keeping safe as a cudgel against me, as fuel for their own ambitions.

I’ve been working my ass off since I’ve been 9 years old, lying to the Pioneer Press to get three paper routes (had to be at least 10) just to be able to buy basic food and clothing. 10 f*cking years old. And it hasn’t let up in half a century. Now I’m staring into the void of poverty because the ACA is allowing the health insurance companies to get rich off my need for health care? What I can’t figure out is why every other American isn’t JUST SO PISSED OFF WE ARENT RIOTING in the streets! This is INSANE!

So, maybe I’ll vote for Trump, maybe I won’t. But Hillary and The Democrats have not earned my continued loyalty. They really should be incredibly nervous the electorate can tilt as easily as my essay illustrates. A whole lifetime of loyalty, gone because they just do not care.