Dev environment performance tests: Docker vs. Native, Mac vs. Linux, old vs. new

Robb Shecter
Jan 23, 2018 · 3 min read
Folded like an envelope by a gym treadmill. Incredibly, it still ran.

Desktop #1

Yeah it’s “old”, but it’s still good enough. That’s the SSD from the broken laptop, now in an external housing.

Desktop #2

No tools needed to open it up and swing the power supply out of the way! How cool is that?


Yeah, it’s an “old” model, but IDGAF because you know what? My hands fit on the damn thing.
Running around 120 Ruby on Rails tests in Docker. But why so fast?
Full compilation plus 20 tests of a small app
Full install of a large Haskell library, Yesod
Rails test suite running natively. The Linux tower is now only 2x faster.

My Takeaways

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