For Christ’s Sake, Trump Is Not Hitler

This is fucking stupid

But he doesn’t need to be to ruin this country. There are so many reasons why this is not the case, but I’m going focus on the two things that distinguish them: Hitler had way more political experience and political skill than Trump, and Hitler was a veteran himself with a street army of veterans of the same age behind him.

First, Hitler was a politician first and foremost, while Trump is little more than a rich carnie. Adolph Hitler had been the head of the Nazi party since 1921, a member since 1919. He built the National Socialist party through both his oratory and political skills, making his own finely honed vision for foreign and domestic policy the platform for the Nazi party. Trump has done nothing within the Republican party.

He received 46% of the popular vote, barely above McCain’s total, and the 2nd lowest GOP total since 1996. Trump is riding a demographic wave, but it is one that has been creeping steadily downwards. Additionally, he has no connections and no skills to build more. His instinct is to sue when cornered, which is not going to help him in D.C.

Secondly, Hitler was able to draw upon a huge number of disaffected, battle hardened veterans for his street troops. A veteran himself, he spoke to a generation of young men accustomed and looking for physical violence. Trump appeals to…your standard 45+ Republican, gout ridden and rheumatic. If the American Brown Shirts will come from anywhere, it will come from the ranks of local police — scary in its own right, but they do not represent an ascendant force.

He is at best a caudillo, a charismatic strong man in the mold of a Chavez or Peron. But even then, he lacks a military background. He’s nothing but fat, old, soft-handed carnie gentry, who appeals to a very limited cross section of both gentry and carnie. This is not to say that Trump cannot ruin the U.S. He can. But we should not be looking for historical analogies that will never come to pass.