Stem Cell Treatment — Don’t Operate, Regenerate!

What is stem-cell treatment?
Stem-cell treatment involves the use of stem cells to treat or prevent a disease or condition. Stem-cells have a very unique ability to mimic the cells around the space in which they are exposed. If you implant the stem-cells into the heart, they become new heart cells. If you implant them in bone marrow, they will become new bone marrow cells. This is the primary reason they are so valuable and effective in treating previously untreatable diseases and conditions. They are especially powerful in non-invasive regenerative therapies for joints and muscles. Why go under the knife if you can rebuild faster and stronger without the dangers of surgery?

How does Discover Optimal Healthcare use Stem Cells?
The most common type of stem-cell therapy is a bone marrow transplant. Significant promise has also been been shown in regard to brain and spinal cord injury, treatment of various heart conditions, even in curing baldness, deafness, or blindness. Stem cells have become increasingly effective at repairing injury in the joints and bones. Many patients are looking for an alternative to surgery for their knee or back pain. That is where stem cell injections can be implemented to reduce pain and rebuild injured joints, bones or muscles.

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The stem cells used at Discover Optimal Healthcare derive from the amniotic sac — not an embryo — and are one of the best regenerative therapies available today. Amniotic stem cell regenerative therapy takes advantage and actually excel the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Injections also possess anti-inflammatory characteristics to accompany the natural healing and pain relief the treatment provides. This is similar to cortisone or steroid shots with one major difference, stem cell repair is permanent. Instead of a short-term pain relief solution, stem cells will actually restore the tissue causing the pain or immobility and kick-start the body’s healing process.