Susan Bordo

You’d think there was no Public Records Act or Freedom of Information Act from reading this piece. These laws were passed to promote transparent government, by ensuring that government business not classified as secrets would be conducted in the open.

More than the couple of apparent breaches of classified material security, Hillary’s real crime was a scheme to evade public scrutiny by keeping her emails under her personal control rather than public control. We will never know if there was any shady dealings in the deleted “personal” emails, will we?

I’ve worked in the State Department: the official DOS unclassified OpenNet and ClassNet for secret material are not hard to use. Clinton’s excuses were so obviously false it undermines all other facets of her story.

Not only was it a scheme, it was an incompetent scheme. She could have used her official @state.gov email address for all but a few items she wanted to hide from the public.

In the context of her career, it was a relatively minor crime, compared to her part in the destruction of Libya and Syria. Relatively.