Patience is Key.

Many times, our blessings are just around the corner, so close that all we need to do is just push a little more. So recently I applied for an internship position at a top notch corporate firm and I got it. Yay! Great experience with a matching pay. Sounds easy right? But, if only you knew what had to be done to achieve that.

The whole application process has taught me a great deal which I would like to share. So for starts, nobody ever cares about your story, all they want to see is your glory. People would always celebrate with you and associate with you when you make it but they do not really care what you went through to make it. So therefore, whatever you want to do, just do it. Push yourself, stretch yourself and in the end, it will pay off. Do all you want to do and do not bother about the obstacles. Never give up. Keep moving irrespective of the obstacles on your road.

Next, everybody has their different paths. It may be the same destination but there are different paths. You have to identify yours and follow it. Some people have it smooth, while some have it really rough. Irrespective of the nature, sticking to your path takes you to your destination. Do not envy others. Celebrate with them and wait patiently for yours. In due time, according to your patience, it will come.

A great man of God once said “Any faith that makes God totally responsible for the outcome of your life is an irresponsible one”. Meaning, you do not have to always sit back and accept what comes your way as your fate or “God’s will” as people always say. Many times all that is required is just a little more persistence and hard work, nothing more. Most times we get so close to our blessings but give up on the way. You can actually get whatever you want, like anything you want if you keep pressing on.

Basically, just be patient with yourself and with God. Enjoy every bit of where you are now because you definitely wouldn’t be there tomorrow. Keep reaching for greater things because you deserve the best and in due season, you will get to your expected end. You can do whatever you set your mind to do.

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