Rant about Reddit

Full disclosure: I am not paid by Reddit in anyway shape or form.

Have to say, I really love Reddit, and have for a long time. Fanboy? Most certainly. Is everyone that I know using it now? For the most part, yes. What redditors don’t understand is that first and foremost, it costs a shit ton of money to run a website. Reddit uses Amazon Web Services to run its site, check the AWS calculator.

Lets say they are running the biggest EC2 instances that Amazon has got, just running Linux mind you, cost: 2,269.20 a month! That’s just one server, now imagine they bring President Obama back on for another AMA, they have to spin up several of those instances to support the traffic, that’s even more money! Now of course I am grossly under calculating, but you get my point.

So they institute Reddit gold, and someone comes up with Reddit gifts, they do AMAs to bring traffic up, etc, etc. They have to do something to monetize the site eventually. Reddit isn’t just “here” because of the users, there is a whole team of people that give their lives to run the damn thing and need to get paid as well. While I don’t agree that they made all of their remote employees move to Silicon Valley, where the average person needs to make $100k/per year to even eat, they still have to pay someone a livable wage to make that site run.

I think the greater Reddit community doesn’t understand what challenges the management of Reddit faces. Not just with money, but Reddit also have challenges with their hosting provider as well. Hell Amazon can say, “we aren’t comfortable with some of the stuff that gets posted here, take it down” and Reddit may have to oblige.

Its easy, just like its easy for me to sit here and write a blog and say things that I don’t mean, or speculate, or write about things that I may not have intimate knowledge of, personally, I could give a shit what the internet says about me and of me. “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Seriously, get over yourselves. You all are just a bunch of kids that can sit anonymously around the internet, pissing and moaning about how bad ass you are, or how tough you are, or how you are going to kill someone. Please. I’d bet that the vast majority of you, couldn’t get off your ass to get a bagel let alone, find and kill someone.

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