The NX, or the secret meaning of Nintendo’s mysterious new console.

This is pure speculation, but fun nonetheless.

As a hardcore gamer, I also poured over the E3 conferences this week. It was the same ole stuff different day.

I will willingly admit that I am a Nintendo fanboy. It kills me that Nintendo won’t say anything about their NX console!

I also have a bit of a beef with most gaming and non-gaming publications trying to weigh in on what the NX will be. I feel we have lost a lot of what used to be gaming journalism, and I wax poetic of the days when I would read EGM or GamePro and hear specs on a new console.

One thing that stood out to me pouring over the speculation was the fact that AMD is working on a console for release in 2016.

So I consulted the great Google, my first result was a Wikipedia article on the term NX. To summarize NX bit is something the AMD has used in the AMD64 line as a means to what looks like have the OS do blocking in some form.

Ok, so put two and two together and Nintendo is using some generation of AMD64 proc in the new system, whether that be a ARM chip variant, or some form of AMD architecture that won’t hit the consumer market remains to be seen.

Another interesting tidbit that I’d like to point out is that several OSes support the NX technology. There was a report not too long ago from Nikkei that indicted that Nintendo would be using some variant of the Android OS to run this technology, which Nintendo pulled their usual “we don’t comment” move.

Well folks the NX technology that AMD has can be used by Android, FreeBSD, and Linux.

My bet is that it’s going to be a console that is going to knock Sony and Microsoft out of the park, and support something that Nintendo will have third parties drooling over. Oh and bets are, it’ll use a similar concept to the PSVita-PS4 remote play.

You’ll have a super powerful portable with a dock that connects to the TV for couch play and you can game anywhere, anytime. It’d only make sense.

We won’t know until next year, what’s up their sleeve. But, I’d be willing to bet that Nintendo is set to print money once again.

Again, this is pure speculation!