You sound like a Millennial whose world view has been shaped by the MTV, CNN and Fox News 24 hour…
Sean Brassman

You sound like someone who uses a lot of canned buzzwords like ‘Millennial’ and ‘lack of self-awareness’, LoL. Do you even know what those phrases mean? I resent both implications. I didn’t have a cellphone in high school, didn’t listen to dubstep in college (psy-trance and DnB maybe, but dubstep wasn’t there yet), so no I’m not a Millennial. GenX had the internet, too, just not broadband. In fact, GenX engineered quite a bit of the internet. In terms of self-awareness, I remember when being ‘too self-aware’ was actually an insult, before pop psychology flip-flopped on the subject.

The ratings on video games thing was probably my first exposure to her as a teen, contrary to the alternative narrative this article tries to replace my actual experience with. The Clintons most certainly have connections to criminal enterprise, and the Clinton body count is not just a conspiracy theory. Hillary, unlike Barack, voted for the Iraq war, and then ran a shitty campaign against the most beloved President-to-be of our generation. And if her brother-in-law’s behavior can’t be used AGAINST her, then why should the fact that her husband was President work FOR her? She has big time Wall Street connections, and is more of a neocon than most democrats. Nevertheless, she and her followers still exhibit a lot of negative liberal stereotypes, such as dependence on censorship to quash political dissent.

Finally, if you understood the true nature of ‘slander’, you would know that it doesn’t apply to public figures :p

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