Hollywood’s ‘Subliminal Anti-Erdoğan Film’ ‘detected’ by TRT

Turkish state-owned TRT has aired a commentary show regarding the agenda and the subject of the day was a Hollywood film named ‘Spectral’ where the depicted evil character is allegedly based on the physical appearance of Turkish President Erdoğan.

The sequence opens with the hostess of the show and the commentators asking “who is it” and continues to explain “it is someone very well known”. The hostess states that the selection of this image can not be a coincidence and must be deliberate.

Later in the show the commentators explain how subliminal messages and manipulation works, and how President Erdoğan’s image is being presented as the depiction of the enemy. One of the commentators explain that a subliminal message would be hidden in between scenes and lines, but the depiction in the movie is too obvious which is signifier of another thing: intimidation and targeting.

Throughout the sequence, while both commentators and the hostess state that the image resembles the president, his name is never uttered once, but referred to as “the person we have talked of”.

Dokuz8NEWS / Gürkan Özturan
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