Because appearance matters, but it doesn’t define you

Photo by Sydney Jackson

Look, I won’t lie to you. Your physics, your outfit, the way you look, all of this stuff matters. We live in a world where people will judge you on these stuff.

There are people who will treat you bad only because you don’t fit in the beauty stereotype.

Most people won’t care. People who matters — people worthy in the inside — won’t care about how you look, but who you are.

I know you probably understand it, but sometimes we don’t really get to capture the essence of this, and there is a really valuable lesson. Today I change my Tinder’s photos and I’m having more matches than ever.

I am the same person. I do the same jokes. I LOOK THE SAME.

Looking good is important mostly for two reasons: your dating life will be better, and a lot of people will think better about you because of how you look — for some reason, we think that the more attractive someone is, the smarter, funnier, and more successful.

But, true is, your worthiness and your happiness don’t depend on those things. You can fuck around like a rabbit, or be in a relationship with the best person in the world. That won’t make you happy if you are not — as much, it will make you happier, but the big column of happiness has to be built by yourself.

Professor can think you are dumber that the hottie of your class. Fuck them both. You can do great in the exam, you can have an amazing career, and you can be the best in your thing. Regardless of what people think.

And any of these things are built on your physics. They are made on your values, in your skills, in how much you know yourself.

Every kind of self-improvement is self-awareness.

Forget about physics. I mean, I encourage you to start working out, eating better, and sleeping better. But because they are healthy habits, and they make you smarter and happier.

Change in the inside. Find who you are.