How technology can improve democracy and transparency

Since the invention of the internet, everything has changed. Economy has changed. People interactions have changed. How we spend our spare time has changed. Although, our political systems have not changed. How could?

There was more innovation in the last century than in the entire history of human race. The way we work, the way we study, the way we purchase something, and even how we date.

Politics and public services are the last place where modernization gets. But, for a minute, let’s imagine how it would be to live in a world where technology reaches politics, in order to live in a more democratic world

What are you doing?

I think that every political party — including the one in office — should have a website where they can put clearly what projects they have made, and in what projects they are currently working.

This would be a way for people to know what every political party have actually do. Every time a political party lie, media would be over there, trying to establish some true. Of course, they could lie two, but at least there would be a public declaration of the party.

Imagine a government leaving the office with a list of every project they have made. It would be so easy to judge them reading the list and reading the newspapers.

Avoiding corruption

I think every candidate — and specially officials— should make public his or her balance sheet. There should be a record of every politician since they get in the public agenda, in order to detect irregularities and avoid corruption.

Corruption happens when public sector meets private sector.

Where is the money?

Do you know what your country is expending money on? It is curious, becase it’s public money but we don’t really know where it goes. I think there should be a webpage where the government should have to declare what they are expending on.

People have to know how the finance of a state works in order to vote. It is not fair not knowing what they do with our money, specially because it would be an excellent way to compare governments — and even to understand in a deeper way policies.

Public opinion

There should be a platform where people asks question to the politicians, and they have the obligation to answer let’s say the ten with more votes during campaign time.

What do you have for us?

Every candidate who runs for major offices should have to make a digital statement with all their proposals, changes in the budget, and priority areas.

Basically, how they see the country now, how they expect to leave it after they mandate, and how they expect to achieve it. I know most of them would lie in these things, but it would be an excellent way to judge them.

Best part, there could be a record in case they run for a second — or third, or fourth — time.

I don’t think we are going to live to see these changes. But I would love to live in a world where all of us fight for our children to see them.

I think that the political crisis we are currently living is due to the disinformation people manage when election time comes. We can’t make a good judgment if we don’t have all the information. Democracy can’t work if we don’t know what is going on with our country, with our candidates, and with the money.

We need numbers. We need information. Technology can supply it to us. What are we waiting for?