The Best Event You’ve Never Heard Of.

Maybe it’s because it sits in the in-between.
Because it’s not simply a product, but an experience.
Because it’s the ordinary people that shape its impact.

Maybe it’s because at the end of the day, it’s just a farm.
Because it’s easily dismissed as romanticised accounts of everyday happenings.
Because it’s far, far away from home and the way things are traditionally done.

Maybe it’s because it forces you to put your phone down and be present.
Because it changes you, shakes up the status quo, and creates disruption.
Because it poses questions, challenges answers, and re-sparks the passion buried by the 9 to 5.

Maybe it’s because the magic happens somewhere outside the structure.
Because it reminds you that people are human and that community is something we’re all craving.
Because it provides the space to rest, talk, think, reflect, explore. And then act.

Maybe it’s because the value isn’t in the amount you pay.
Because it alters your vision instead of providing a means of distraction.
Because it focuses on all aspects of your life instead of one tiny piece of it.

Maybe it’s because all of these things combined make it all a bit odd. And even harder to articulate.

It’s not a festival, retreat, camp, or conference. It’s a collective. A meeting of minds where the people sitting beside you teach you as much as the ones on stage. It’s a space where silos are knocked down and people remember their potential. Where casual conversations leave wisdom ringing in your ears and dreams are shaken awake. It’s a place where simple, honest, and game-changing connections make you take a long look at what you really want, and what it takes to get you there. It’s tucked away, separated from the norm. But that’s what makes it beautiful.

Things that are different, things that aren’t easily covered, marketed, or distributed in bulk; things that don’t fit into boxes. These are the things that are difficult to explain. They’re the things that are even more difficult to understand.

100 people. 4 days. 1 farm in West Wales.

Maybe that’s why you’ve never heard of it.

DO Wales (7–10 July 2016) and DO USA (28–31 July 2016)

Words by Kacie McGeary

Photography: DO Wales by Jim Marsden

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