Where do ideas go to school?

Mint -West Wales

Where do you learn to edit a film?

Take a photo?

Write like you speak?

Tell the world your ideas?

Draw on iPad Pro’s?

Learn to Animate?

Fly a drone?

Cook for 80 others?

Make a magazine in 48 hours?

Make podcasts?

Deal with haters? Yeah, it’s a skill.

Run an event?

Make stuff happen fast?

Laugh at failure?

Code ideas?

Record music?

Build websites?

Talk about your ideas with confidence?

Trust your curiosity?

Trust you can change things?

Work as a team?

Light fires?

Look up at the stars?


Teen Do

August 12–14th 2016. The Do Farm, West Wales.

60 teens. 12 speakers. 
Inspiring discussions. 
Hands-on workshops. 
Fresh, local food. 
Live music.

Where do Ideas go to school? Where does ‘How Might We’ go to school? Where does curiosity go to school? Where do creative teens go to learn about ideas and creativity, apart from their bedrooms.

Teen Do is 2 day summer camp for creativity. To learn from speakers, to learn from workshops, and to learn from each other.

Today’s teenagers are the digital pioneers. We are the first generation to grow up in this new social media world. And, we can make change happen real fast, if we learn how to share our ideas, prototype them, and make them happen.

Teen Do’s purpose is to provide an environment where curiosity, creativity, and confidence can thrive. So we can figure things out for ourselves. No other generation has grown up with such amazing tools that allow us to express ourselves and create.

Ideas change things.

Teen Do. Where ideas Go to School. Aug 12th.

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