Valdepeñas Uprising against Napoleonic Troops. source

Extracted from Insurgent Heart: A Vipassana Manual for the Guerrilla Yogi — a text that considers guerrilla tactics as a metaphor for an approach to the process of Buddhist awakening. Here, they are offered for consideration as guidance to non-violent social movements and organizations seeking radical change — internally and externally. This exploration in no way condones violence or war — but recognizes guerrilla strategy can be meaningful in a broad array of other, socially constructive endeavors.

1. Sabotage:

Disrupt the processes and channels by which the enemy produces and distributes its resources.

2. Indigenous Knowledge:

Develop clarity about what…

I’m 41 and Bought my First Toaster Oven. It Has Changed my Life.

The Present Moment Sucks — That’s Why You Keep Running Away.

I Did This for 30 Days and Nothing Happened.

I Was Going to Spend 10 Days Doing This – but I Stopped Because it Seemed Dumb.

Not Feeling like Yourself? Maybe you Aren’t.

Don’t Worry about Saving Money — You’re Probably Going to Die Soon.

Are You Using the Right Pillow? The Answer May Surprise You.

Yes, Adults Can Learn to Play a New Instrument — They just Won’t be Very Good.

The Universe is Expanding AND Contracting: Could That be why You Feel Disoriented?

Is it Better to Drink Water Cold or at Room Temp? We Asked the Experts.

The Body Doesn’t Hold Trauma — It Is the Trauma.

I Went to the ER 4 times with Difficulty Breathing – and all I Got Was this Dust-mask… and a Bill.

Feeling Down? Just Remember: Your Skull is Always Smiling

This One Thing Really Tied the Room Together – and it Cost and Damn Fortune.

Why is all Pollen Yellow? Maybe Someone Should Ask the Bees.

This Kitchen Tool Doesn’t Exist — and You Can’t Live Without It.

Everyone is Talking about COVID-19 but Here’s Why You Should Hold Out for COVID-20.

Billions of People Have Experienced Birth — When Will we Stop Calling it a Miracle?

Let Your Garden go to Seed — and It’s Not Why You Think.

I Ate Bat Soup Every Day for a Month — Here’s What I Learned.

Plant, Water, Feed, Weed: Low-Energy Gardening for Low-Energy Gardeners.

I’ll Tell You My Symptoms If You Tell Me Yours — On Zoom.

You Have a Million Schemes — but They’re All Ridiculous so Stop Thinking About Them.

Tea or Coffee?… Who Cares?

You’re Probably Brushing Your Teeth Wrong — and It May Kill You.

“Someday this Pandemic’s Gonna End” and Other Sad Refrains from Introverts.

In Just a Few Hours of Mind-Bending Work, Using Tools and Materials that are Difficult to Find, with Ancient Methods a Little Tricky to Learn, You Too Can Make an Over-elaborate Probably-Not-That-Useful Non-Medical Face-Mask — in Just 716 Steps!

Nothing You Do Will Ever Amount to Anything — Maybe That Should Be a Relief.

Jesse Maceo Vega-Frey

Jesse is resident teacher for Vipassana Hawaii and seeks to inspire the skills, determination, and faith necessary to realize the deepest human freedom.

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