Suddenly, Depression Crept In.

Everything seemed the same.

But after awhile I recognized

the change.


Caught in a wave.

Getting only just enough air

to breathe.

Until I’m drowning,


in the sea.

Close to the shore.

I seek that freedom,

to soon crawl onto the land;


but free.

Instead, here I am.

In a constant current.

weighted down,

I’m suffocating.

Losing my senses -

I can’t see.

Losing my senses -

I can’t hear.

Losing my senses -

losing me.

Didn’t know the water was getting rough,

now I’m stuck.

Where’d this come from?

How’d I get here?

Forgot how to smile.

Forgot how to sing.

When will the sunrise,

the moonlight,

be pretty again

to me?

There was something so pleasant about that place.

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