Teaching Children from low income families in India — Day 2

Today I went out again to the same school as yesterday. You can read about day 1. I spent about 90 minutes with the kids and teachers trying to understand their teaching methods.

The teachers have figured out a few easy and interesting ways to teach them. For example, if they want to teach them alphabets, they never just taught them the alphabets. They try to teach them with pictures, poems, a game or a song. This way the students are excited to learn and enjoy the process too.

If they want to teach them comparisons — Large v/s Small — then they do it with pictures. First they give the student a choice between a big picture and small picture. The student has to pick the bigger picture and color it in with a colour of her choice. This way they learn about colors, sizes, and also about what’s on the picture.

For writing skill development they use the sketch method to combine number, symbol and letter to help the students learn all of these while doing an activity. They draw a sketch which has either a number or a letter in it. For example, they drew a picture of a lock using the letters ‘C’ and the number ‘3'.

I was amazed and happy to learn this new method and how easy and fun it is for the kids to learn this way.