Businesses are beginning to see the value of AI customer service

Businesses are getting more and more interest in artificial intelligence, especially when it comes to customer service. As voice recognition and natural language processing systems become more accurate, more businesses are relying on it to automate their customer service. One virtual assistant startup company recently received $56 million in funding which was its best funding round to date.

One area of particular interest is chatbots. Think of chatbots as digital customer service agents who can interact with a business’s customers to resolve issues, answer questions, and direct them to the right people when a live customer service agent is required. In 2016, it’s estimated that chatbots will save businesses approximately $79 billion in customer service costs.

Here are some interesting facts about chatbots:

  • AI has come far enough along that chatbots can have increasingly complex conversations with humans. The more they’re used, the more accurate they become so businesses can use them in more and more ways.
  • Chatbots are especially suited for mobile devices. In fact, they may even be more suited for mobile than mobile apps. Messaging is the heart of the mobile experience and messaging is what chatbots do.
  • The chatbot ecosystem is already quite developed. There are many third-party chatbots, native bots, and distribution channels.
  • Just as app stores have turned into lucrative money-making ecosystems, chatbots can become a very lucrative industry as companies develop and sell bots.
  • Chatbots are the future of customer service and an exciting aspect of artificial intelligence that is seeing tremendous growth in a very short period of time. The number of ways that businesses can use chatbots to automate customer service and improve the customer experience is endless and incorporating this technology will free up live customer service agents to handle only the most difficult situations and free up a lot of expenses that can be applied elsewhere.

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Source: businessinsider .com/business-are-starting-to-see-the-potential-in-artificial-intelligence-customer-service-2016–8