Let the Caterpillar Die

Living is a continual metamorphosis. Everything is change; everything is relative. — The Human Race is Not Yet Free, Ben Okri

Life changes. It’s that simple.

Life changes, and so everything else — plans, goals, attitude, maybe even an address gets a sink or swim choice.

When life changes, you only get two choices:

Are you going to go with the flow, find a new path, new direction, new meaning?


Are you going to sink, holding onto the old plans that weigh like stones, holding onto the old ideas that have all the juice sucked out of them, holding onto the old attitudes that no longer serve you?

I choose to swim. I choose to go with the flow. I choose to not just find, but forge a new path.

I refuse to remain a caterpillar that is afraid of metamorphosis. I choose instead, to be a butterfly.

I choose it, not because life as a butterfly promises to be more beautiful or a happier, and certainly not because it offers illusions of security.

I choose it, because you can’t be a caterpillar and a butterfly at the same time. To be a butterfly, to forge a new path, to taste new victories (and probably new defeats), you have to give up being a caterpillar. You have to get off the path you are on, to get started on the path you want to be on.

I choose to make that choice because life will not hold still. It will change. It will disrupt the peaceful routine. It will ignore the cruise control, and put hills and holes on the road.

Those who do not choose to accept change will be forced to accept it, and we humans — the stubborn race — always flourish more when we think what we do is our choice.

It is our resistance to change, our inability to accept life’s fluidness that has kept us trapped. The human race is not yet free, because we choose not to be, because we are too scared to let the caterpillar die.

Choose freedom.

Choose the possibilities.

Choose to fulfil your potential.

That is the only way to free the human race: one individual at a time, making a choice to let the caterpillar die, and let the butterfly be born.

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