Unnatural Processed Pet Food v/s Natural Fresh Pet Food

A well-balanced diet is essential for the survival of any species, be it humans or animals. We have the privilege and options to eat a variety of foods which also involves balanced and nutritious diet. Much has been written and debated about the kind of food we should consume in order to lead a healthy life. It’s obvious that Natural and Fresh food scores over Processed and Junk foods. They help to maintain us in shape, keep us active and ensures we lead a disease free life.

What about our Pet friends? Do they get access to the same kind of quality when it comes to food? We care for them 100% and they give us nothing but their love and affection. We ensure that we give them the best care, lovely toys to play with and shop for the best food available in the market. But, what options do we have when it comes to Pet food. The market is saturated with over-marketed Pet food brands which offers processed food in the form of kibbles and similar varieties. Are these natural and made with the best of the ingredients, however they claim to be? They are stored in shelves for weeks and months which means they are not Fresh and Natural.

So do we have an alternative? — A Home cooked food is natural & fresh and can have the right ingredients and supplements to ensure there is a balanced diet for our pet. As its important for us to eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, it is essential for our pets to consume fresh and unpreserved food.

Having said that, there are few things to consider and be educated when it comes to Natural Diet. It’s not right to just give the remains of food that was intended for human consumption or just throw in a chicken. A homemade pet food should be appropriately balanced with right supplements. Considerable time and dedication is needed to prepare the food everyday. Natural Fresh food has many long term benefits and will keep you and your pet happy.

Given our lifestyle and time constraints, its hard to prepare food for our pet everyday. We faced the problem and thought that other pet parents would also face the same issue. To serve ourselves and our beloved pet parents we are introducing Dolly’s — a service that delivers nutritionally balanced homemade pet food with simple recipes made out of quality ingredients. The right food will improve your pet dog’s overall health and happiness.

Dollys aims to redefine pet food with Human grade quality ingredients ensuring more natural nutrients and essential supplements. The meals are cooked fresh everyday customized to you pet dog and delivered directly to your home everyday.

Fresh Food is awesome!

Sign up today @ www.dollys.co and be part of the Healthy Parents Pet Club and stand chance to be the lucky winner to win 6 months of Free Dollys food for your Pet. Switch to Natural Pet food and see the difference.

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