So, if you have read the ABOUT section of this blog, you will know that my early-mid life crisis and change of career direction began with me waking up one Saturday morning and deciding to dye my hair pink again (not since my uni-days had I been a candy-top). Since then I have had a wide variety of colour combos — dip-dyes, ombres, reverse ombres, purples and pinks and peaches but my holy grail was always B.L.U.E. Not the grungey Navy shade I rocked as a late 90's/early 2000's teenager, but full on, I live-under-the-sea-y’all, Mermaid blue.

So, when I saw this charming little tube of Mellor & Russell Blue Mist peeking out at me from the aisles of my beloved Poundland, I was uber-excited! Not only could I finally embrace my inner Daryl Hannah circa. 1984, but for ONLY £1 to top it off! In all honestly, I wasn’t entirely sure how this colour wash would turn out at such a cheap price but I thought what the heck, #YOLO right?!

After a sharp intake of breath and some wide-eyed “Are you 100% sure?”’s and “I don’t want you to cry”’s from Mr B, I gleefully lathered up my freshly washed and towel-dried faded rose gold curls and settled my bum down with an equally Mermaid-esque Barry M glitter nail polish for the 15 mins setting time.

I was expecting the consistency of this cute little colour wash to be somewhat like conditioner or my Bleach London Rose Shampoo but actually it’s rather luxurious and metallic. I mixed it with a little plain coconut conditioner as my blonde is super-porous so if you also have very porous hair as most bleach blonde is, I’d advise you do this too as it really didn’t affect the end result. I’d also advise if you are a little scared, just leave it on for 5 minutes to start with as there is plenty in the tube for multiple applications — even with long hair, a little goes a long way!

It’s also super easy to apply, either straight from the tube or mixed up in a bowl with conditioner… just lather up and wait for the magic and smells scrummy — kinda like blueberries much to my amusement. Make sure you wear gloves though as it’s a major stainer! The white porcelain sink was fine though as I rinsed it out immediately.

As I was putting mine over rose gold, albeit rather faded, I decided to leave some bits only lightly coated and that’s what created these pretty lilac variants.

The product is designed to last 2 to 10 washes, and holds its colour well. I have washed mine almost every day in 2 or 3 weeks since and the colour is still pretty intense. As I said, my hair is porous though but even the darker bits have kept their hint of blue for at least 5 washes. Now it has faded slightly, the colour is still really pretty and a more turquoise green. I will be refreshing it in the next couple of weeks but I’d still be happy with this aquamarine colour long-term.

Mermaid hair for just £1… you really can’t beat it! From my experience I’d say this is just as good as more expensive hair colour washes and dyes, and leaves extra pennies spare for more treats.

TOP TIP: If you want varying shades, try sectioning off your hair and applying the colour in lighter or heavier amounts.

This product would also be great for dip-dyeing or creating my personal next dream-hair project… Unicorn hair *squeal* especially as not only does it come in Blue Mist, but also Lilac Haze, Pink Blush and Peach Creme aswell.

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Originally published at dollysdisco.blogspot.co.uk on May 13, 2015.

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