Free Crochet Pattern | Freeform Crochet Sugar Skull Cocoon Cardigan with Faux Fur Collar

Use Freeform Crochet and basic crochet stitches to form a beautiful bright Bohemian Sugar Skull Cocoon Cardigan with this quick and easy pattern.

So for today’s free crochet pattern I wanted to share with you this vibrant Bohemian inspired Freeform Crochet Cocoon cardigan I made recently.

This festival vibe Sugar Skull cardigan actually only started out as my first attempt at a crochet skull and then evolved into a bright, Boho inspired cardi that I just can’t seem to wear enough lately.

The cocoon cardigan shape is really easy to work up and grows fast! I started with a skull but you could use a Mandala like one of these 3 I made last week.

Click here for details of the stitches used on each round

Start with your central motif, be it sugar skull, mandala or flower and work that up to roughly the size of the space between your shoulder blades. (*1)

Add a few rounds of crochet, I used basic treble (US double) clusters as you would use on a Granny Square until the work covers shoulder to shoulder (*2)

Then make a round but at either side of your mandala design, make 2 sets of chains (*3) around 12 to 15 stitches long to make the armholes.

Now just keep crocheting! This is the great part about freeform crochet, go wherever your imagination takes you.

Just remember… Every time you are on the top half of your mandala switch to double (US single crochet) to form a shawl neck and work down an extra couple of stitches every round to form the neckline

You will basically end up with a HUGE mandala circle with a smoother edge on one side that is your neckline.

I finished my edges with 2 rounds of basic double crochet (US single)

To make the arms, cast on into a stitch of your armhole and work the arms round by round until they reach mid forearm.

I then added rows of double crochet (US single) to make cute cuffs and give the arms some weight.

I also added this huge purple faux fur collar for that Coachella/Burning Man festival vibe. You can either sew on or attach with buttons, pins or hook and eye loops to make life easier when washing.

This cocoon cardigan is made using Acrylic Yarn so is machine washable…yay!

I hope you enjoyed this Sugar Skull Cocoon Crochet Cardigan pattern! Remember the beauty of freefrom crochet is that there are no rules… you make it up as you go along and let the work form itself.

Any questions don’t hesitate to ask me — you can leave a comment below or find me on my social media of choice, Instagram @setfreemygypsys0ul

Originally published at on March 16, 2016.

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